Welcome to the South African Resistance


If you are new to the Resistance and would like info on joining our community or basic game info, please read below.


How to Join our Community


Ingress can be a great time as a solo player, but where it really gets fun is when you interact with other players.



• Get the Telegram App!  The Comms in Ingress are not in any way considered secure.  So, for things like meeting up, planning events, dropping items and just basic socializing, we use telegram. 

Once you have telegram installed, click here


Intel map

• Check the map!  There is a desktop and mobile version of the ingress map which can be accessed at http://www.ingress.com/intel


Leveling & Tips


There are far better resources out there (like Ingress Field Guide or the app Ingress Portal Calc) about the many different strategies and ways to play the game, but as a new player, let’s break it down to some simple tips.


• HACK EVERYTHING!  You get items and (AP from enemy portals) from hacking and those items will help you level.

• Try to fully deploy on a portal. You get a bonus for capturing the portal, but will get another when you fully power it by placing 8 resonators on it.  Additionally, now you can link from it!

• Make small fields! A field is when you link together 3 fully powered portals.  You do not get points for capturing mind units!  So if you can make lots of small fields, you’ll just get more AP points. 

• Avoid Spam links! A long link to nowhere doesn’t give you a benefit and may actually interfere with your teammates ability to make their own links.

• Do not get discouraged when your portals get torn down.  This is actually a good thing since you get to put them back up again!


This table lists all the possible actions you can perform and what base AP amount you earn for successfully performing the action.



Action Points (AP)

Hack a portal (Enemy)


Hack a portal (Neutral or Own Faction)


Recharge a Portal


Place a resonator (new resonator)


Upgrade your resonator


Upgrade another's resonator


Capturing a portal (place the first resonator)


Complete a portal (place the eighth resonator)


Link two portals


Establish a control field


Deploying a portal mod


Destroy a resonator


Destroy a link


Destroy a control field



For more indepth info, try these resources:

http://decodeingress.me and http://ingressfieldguide.com and http://ingressbootcamp.com